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  The December 25 issue of Josei Seven revealed that actor Genya (real name Genya Nakamura (中村玄也)), age 23, committed suicide on November 22 in his home. He was found that afternoon by friend and fellow actor Taichi Saotome (早乙女太一).  Genya had worked for Japan Action Enterprise (JAE) as a stuntman and suit actor, primarily as villains in the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series, but he had also been active in theater (notably Gekidan EXILE) and television.
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22nd-Sep-2012 11:22 am - Eitoku update [eitoku]
Takuma Sueno posted a couple of pictures.  Now I'm freaking out.  ;__;
23rd-Aug-2012 12:37 pm - Eitoku injured [eitoku, jae]
During rehearsals on August 23, Eitoku got injured during rehearsals for Tiger & Bunny The Live.  He will therefore no longer be able to do the suit work for Sky High--they'll get a replacement--but will still go on as Keith Goodman.  He says on Twitter that he'll be okay (1, 2) but I still worry.  ;_;

Update: Posters on Twitter and 2ch say it's just a sprain and he's all right.  It's good to hear!

Update 2: After a couple of days he went back to the doctor, who put a stop to further performances.  Get well soon!
Toei, the company that makes the popular Kamen Rider and Super Sentai series, has revealed the start of a new project, "Toei Hero Next," using the actors that have starred in those series.  PIECE ~Kioku no Kakera~ (directed by Ten Shimoyama) is the first film and features Shu Watanabe (20) and Ryosuke Miura (25) who starred in the popular Kamen Rider OOO.  From now on, the series will feature young actors who have graduated from Toei's tokusatsu series.

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Sorry for spamming flists with this news. I wanted to make sure everybody found out about it.
6th-Apr-2012 07:09 pm - Seiji Takaiwa started Twitter [jae]
There are only a few tweets but they're adorable.

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